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Board of Directors

Lee W. Robinson, Ph.D, Director:
Former director of the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind. He is now retired. Lee has many years of experience working with individuals who have sensory, cognitive, and physical disabilities.

Melvin O. Smith, Director:
Melvin is retired.For many years he has volunteered serving disabled individuals. Currently his weekdays are filled volunteering at Ability Found and the LDS Humanitarian Center.

Shauna Langford, Director:
Shauna has extensive experience working with children who are disabled in school settings. Shauna has specialized training and skills working with deaf-blind children.

Ernest P. Robison, Ph.D., Director

Ernest is the father of a disabled son, Matthew. He has a doctors degree in Biomedical Engineering and has developed medical and rehabilitation equipment helping adults and children. For the past 20 years he has served in many positions promoting causes benefiting individuals who are disabled.

Ability Found's Board of Directors meets twice per year.

Names and Qualifications of Key Staff

Dr. Ernest Robison, President:
Dr. Ernest Robison has been the CEO/Director of Ability Found since it was established in 1993. His son Matthew who was severely disabled, passed away in 1999 at age 10. This experience has given him empathy and understanding of the stresses, challenges, and needs of individuals with disabilities and their families. Dr. Robison has a doctoral degree in biomedical engineering. In his professional career, he has designed and built computer monitoring systems for intensive care units, catheterization labs, and pathology lab systems. Dr. Robison has also designed and built medical devices, including an ultrasonic heart scanning machine and equipment for the disabled. He has co-authored professional papers and been the recipient of numerous grants.

Michael J. Workman, PT:
The Ability Foundation has a consulting relationship with Michael J. Workman and his practice Professional Therapies. Michael has diverse teaching experience and is certified in the treatment of neurologically involved children and adults. Michael has over fifteen years of experience in physical therapy evaluation and treatment as well as equipment recommendation, fitting and modification. He also has experience with business and charitable organizations. Michael has consulted with Ability Found for seven years and has demonstrated a personal commitment to charitable service and in helping individuals who are disabled.

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